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Foam Washing

Foam Washing

Is a blanket of foamed car wash detergent that completely covers the exterior of a vehicle. Foam wash dedicated to the purpose of being on the car and softening dirt, car shampoo isn’t. Soaping and scrubbing the car risks dragging or digging these particles into the body work of your car. The foaming soap clings to the Surface and helps to lift the particles off of the surface thanks to its cleaning power.

Dry Washing

Water less car wash, a technique used to wash a vehicle without the use of water. Doing good to the environment by saving water. Solvent use is harmless to your vehicle paint, leaves a protective layer and removes more than just dirt.

Steam Washing

Is the process of using steam vapor to clean a car’s exterior and interior. Steam is known for its effectiveness and sanitizing power helps allergen evacuation and Eliminating germs.


Treatments Size Total Base Price
Foam Wash Small 550
Medium 650
Large 750
Dry Wash Small 650
Medium 700
Large 750
Steam Wash Small ₹ 800
Medium ₹ 850
Large ₹ 999

Taxes Extra as Applicable*

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