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Interior Cleaning

Comprehensive Interior Cleaning Program
Roof! Floor! Windshield
Boot / Roof Upholstery
Floor – Mats / Carpets
Pedals – Accelerator / Clutch / Brake
Windshield – Front / Rear
Windows- Glass/Beading Doors Pad –Plastic / Viny
Dashboard ! Doors
A/c Vent
Storage Area
Display Console
Sun Visors


Head Rest
Upholstery – Front / Back
Seat – Sides, Rear & Beneath
Seat Belts
Doors Pad – Plastic / Viny

Royal Interior Enrichment

Foam-it cleans your car interior completely with foam-based product to give them a fresh new look.

Interior Germkleen Enrichment

Is a powerful anti-microbial formulation that gets rid of 99% bacteria from car interior. When you keep your car germ free, you keep your family safe too!

Interior Germkleen Ultima

This adds Leather Conditioning of Seat. Since prolonged exposure to water can leave permanent stains on leather, car leather conditioner leaves a thin layer of oils on the upholstery that is designed to stay there and repel water long after the product is applied. This helps to prevent future water damage.

Scotch Guard Essenal (Fabric Seat Only)

Now flaunt your seats without hiding them under plastics or seat covers. This treatment enables you to protect car seats against liquid spills thus allowing you enjoy the newness of the car seat for long.



Treatments Size Total Base Price
Classic Interior Enrichment Small ₹ 1027
Medium ₹ 1220
Large ₹ 1530
Royal Interior Enrichment Small ₹ 1738
Medium ₹ 1998
Large ₹ 2326
Interior Germkleen Enrichment Small ₹ 2233
Medium ₹ 2846
Large ₹ 3291
Interior Germkleen Ultima Small ₹ 3380
Medium 4491
Large ₹ 5228
Scotch Gaurd Advanced (Fabric Seat Only) Small/ Medium 1964
Large/ Xlarge ₹ 2447

Taxes Extra as Applicable*

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