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Opti-Coat Pro

Opti – Coat Pro

Permanent ceramic coating with extreme chemical resistance . The Ultimate protective coating  for paint. ceramic clear coat reduces swirl marks, release  dirt coat, easy cleaning and protects against bird dropping and UV fading.

Opti – Trim

Permanently solve the on going issue of faded plastic trim . Opti- Trim contains high level of UV observers to help prevent future fading and provide and long term protection  against oxidation.

Opti – Glass Pro

Improved visibility in all- weather driving while making dirt, mud, frost & ice much easier to remove.

Opti – Lens

Durable UV Protecting to prevent yellowing while being resistant to damaging environmental condition.

Opti – Coat Pro +

The Opti- Coat Pro Plus ceramic paint protection package now delivers even more glass and slickness then even before, while still maintaining the same chemical.

Opti – Gaurd

A series of coating to provide superior protection & durability for all interior surface including leather, vinyl & fabric.

Opti – Gloss

Optimum Gloss- Coat is a high tech polymer system that forms an extra layer of clear coat over painted.

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